Corporate relocation

We are a corporate relocation company in Goa operating out of Panjim. Each corporate relocation is different from the next requiring the right expertise and logistics.  Our experiences in this industry set us apart from many in this trade. We pay close attention to limiting downtime and improve efficiency during the moving process.  We work with you closely for a plan that is based on the needs of your organization, so whether you are moving to a new storefront or relocating to a new facility in a neighboring town, we are here with you at every step of the way.

Employee Relocation

Corporate relocation for employees brings about new opportunities and also brings about new challenges. Corporate relocation can be interstate, within the country, and also abroad, involving a single employee or even at times an entire department. From the perspective of moving personal belongings, this can often be an overwhelming task requiring a whole lot of planning and forethought.  These arrangements are generally initiated by the company’s human resource department which in turn hires a relocation services provider. For any relocation, it is of utmost importance that the belongings are moved with the least amount of ‘downtime’ for the employee. A lot has to be attributed towards hiring a service provider that is reliable and in a firm position to orchestrate the move in a prompt and timely manner.

Why choose us?

Constant updates: We constantly track and monitor the freight and keep you aware and updated on the status of the consignment.

Customized Programs: Our approach to moving is fully customized to suit your needs. Our assessment for any relocation job is centric on individual factors rather than on fixed parameters.

Efficient moves for relocation planning

We let your business function as usual as our team of professionals will work out an in-depth plan for the relocation to ensure that the transition is smooth. The process first begins with a free survey of the site to discuss what the requirements are and also your expectations.  This will help us get a clear understanding of the task at hand based upon which we work out the schematics.

Our specialty of being a full-service moving agency would mean that you need not have to worry about dismantling electrical appliances such as air-conditioners, modular furniture, etc. We are also equipped to provide custom crating supplies and also storage solutions wherever needed.

A comprehensive relocation plan is then chalked out based on the type of services needed followed by an accurate estimate which is provided to you. At this stage, we also address any challenges or pre-move preparations if needed.

All through the moving process, we will have a dedicated consultant that specializes in commercial relocation to oversee the operation and answer any questions that you may have. We also closely monitor timelines at each phase and ensure that the necessary schedules are maintained according to your expectations. We are always available to provide our customers with personalized services keeping you updated and well-informed throughout the entire transition process. Our crew of professionals are dedicated to working around any challenges and obstacles that may arise during the process.

Well Experienced Team

Being a part of the industry for nearly a decade, our experience is our forte. Having tackled a variety of packaging and moving tasks, our knowledge to troubleshoot and work around obstacles has made us a team that corporate can rely on. Our experience has put us in a formidable position to plan for challenges and complexities deriving workable solutions to handle workplace furniture, machinery, IT equipment, and more.

Comprehensive moving services

We are available to any type of commercial establishment looking for relocation services. We always plan for minimum downtime and work with a variety of budgets.

For Offices: We undertake all types of office moving tasks that involved dismantling and moving electrical appliances, office equipment, computer systems, and office furniture.

Moving of IT equipment: Safely packing and moving any type of IT-related equipment is a mammoth task. This is where we come in – we will safely pack and securely transport all your electronics to ensure that your business is up and running at the earliest.

Moving of hotel furniture and equipment: Our crew can dismantle, store, and transit items as per your needs taking all the care needed to pack and moving items without damaging any of them.