Why Hiring An Expert to Help you relocate is always a smart move!

Considering hiring a relocation expert? Here is why you should!

Packaging and moving used to be a tedious task in the past, especially when it came to shifting your belongings from one location to another. Finding the appropriate vehicle type with sufficient axle weight strength, being able to appropriately make use of the space in the vehicle, and also being able to load the vehicle in a manner that all the items are securely packed and ready for cargo is a task that must be left for the professionals to handle. Today there are numerous approaches and practices applied that makes the process a lot easier and dynamic. This in turn has made the burden of relocation a lot simpler thanks to professional relocation companies like ours that are here to assist you.

At Cape Logistics, we are well-equipped to manage this process in a planned and organized manner and by hiring a relocation expert you would have a professional to take care of things starting from inventory management to unpacking to your new home!

.  Some of the vital aspects we take into consideration are pre-departure planning,   dismantling appliances and furniture, optimized use of space in the storage bay, efficient packaging, sturdy vehicles for transportation,   as well as storage facilities for short-term and long-term basis.

Our crew consists of experienced personnel skilled in relocation packaging thus ensuring that you need not be worried about relocating your belongings leaving you to focus on other pressing matters. Moving is generally associated with being a time-consuming and worrisome task. However, this isn’t the case when you assign the job to professionals like us as you are assured of the safety of your belongings and peace of mind.  It is our job to thus make the moving experience stress-free and smooth.

Our process begins with first understanding what requires to be moved, understanding the degree of difficulty, identify challenges for loading to transit vehicle, discussing the packaging type, logistics, preparing a preliminary inventory list, and finally preparing an estimate for the task.

Before the move, we will segregate items into various categories and prepare an inventory list. Based on this list, we prepare a list of packaging materials and then commence with the packaging. Packaging is done alongside a proper means of identification of the inventory that is then followed by the loaders that arrive to load to the transit vehicle.

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Peace of Mind

There is plenty on your plate when the time comes to relocate your home and this can often be overwhelming and stressful.

Cape Logistics understands how to go about the entire logistics involved without you having to handle your belongings while also keeping them safe and protected. Knowing that you have a professional on board will ease your mind on moving day.


With the help of professionals like us, you are assured of an option that is reliable as compared to depending on unskilled workers to tackle the job. Our experience has made us knowledgeable in the best practices and techniques to ensure everything gets from point to point in a safe manner.


The pace at which we pack, load, and move your items is much quicker due to a hands-on crew available to help pack, lift and store your belongings ready for transit. We can expedite the pace as we work with teams managing different tasks in the process.


Lifting and maneuvering bulky items such as furniture and heavy boxes is always a challenging task. This does require a crew on-hand to load to the transit vehicle as well as to unpack. Apartments in high-rise buildings also pose a challenge to carry furniture requiring a professional crew to manage it on your behalf.

Avoid the heavy lifting burden

Taking it upon yourself to lift and move your belongings can lead to back strains and other related injuries that can be avoided when hiring a professional moving company is on board to assist you.

Inventory Management

Moving without a proper inventory checklist can often leave you puzzled and getting inventory done by yourself is a daunting task. Our inventory management checklist is a huge time saver as you need not ruffle through all the boxes trying to find a particular item thanks to our detailed packing list of items created before they are packed into boxes.

Safety of Belongings

Packing a fragile lamp properly or an artifact that holds sentimental value is a daunting task. Our team does everything to ensure that the maximum is done to reduce or eliminate damage to your items with the right materials and techniques.

Well Experienced

Cape Logistics has a wealth of experience behind us which helps us understand your concerns and address them promptly with suitable solutions.


Moving becomes a stress-free experience knowing that there are professionals on board to literally do the heavy lifting for you without you having to worry about the risks or hassles associated with moving.

Talk to us about hiring a relocation expert!