Looking to relocate to or from Goa?

Cape Logistics is a well-established and reliable brand that offers moving services from or into Goa. We are locally based in Goa and thus are in a position to visit you in person and provide you with the right consultation on how we can make the move from Goa a smooth and easy process.

For everyone, moving homes is always a tough process. Working professionals usually have little or less time to move to a new city or state before they take on their new assignment or role in an organisation. Along with the excitement comes the stress of relocation as there is plenty to deal with  especially when you are moving to a new city that you haven’t lived in before.

If you are among those that need to move quickly, here is a quick help guide that will get you going.

Moving last minute

For many professionals, shifting entirely to a new city is a part and parcel of the job requirement. More often than not, there isn’t a lot of time to let it all sink in once you decide to accept a new role or a promotion. The effort at this stage for both – as an employee or for the organisation is to avoid long lengths of down time and make the transition quick and easy.

If it is a corporate move, the company’s human resources department usually helps put you in touch with the moving company. Cape Logistics is tied up with a number of corporate and helps speed up this process. Check out more details on corporate relocation.

Seek the professionals

Being professional movers and packers, we always recommend seeking the option of experts and not taking everything upon yourself to pack your mountain of belongings. This also means that you have more time on your hands to devote to other things – like apartment hunting, finding the right school for your kids, etc. Delegating all that needs to be done at this stage is always recommended to ease the stress and load. Enlisting a packing and moving company at the onset is hence a nice way to stay on top of things that are most important to you– while being stress-free at the same time.

Should you hire packer and movers?

If costs are not a constraint, then it is best to hire professionals for both packing and also unpacking. There are a wide range of services that you can avail that involves a complete end-to-end service from one point to another. Before you make a decision though, take time to run through the energy and time that you would put into doing it yourself against the cost involved in getting a professional to do the job – from the packing to the moving to the unpacking.

If you do decide to hire a professional mover, however, here is what will happen next.

A crew member will get a surveyor to your home to assess the details of your move. The surveyor will account for all of the furniture in the house, the appliances, etc and together with you, create an exhaustive inventory of the items therein. Ease of access to the apartment and the floor on which you reside will also determine the cost involved.  Items that require special attention such as artifacts, paperwork and fragile items or items of sentimental value must be discussed at this stage as well. If you choose to move certain items yourself, these too can be packed separately and boxed on your behalf.

Packing may take a couple days depending on the volume and what needs to be packaged. Protective wrapping and padding is used wherever needed. Items that contain glass or are fragile such as lampshades need to be boxed carefully and labelled according to rooms and placement. Packaging takes time but it does save you a ton of stress and helps you stay organized.

Scheduling the movers

Once you have finalized on a moving company, discuss the dates for moving and check the availability on the dates that you are scheduled to move out of the city. This is best discussed before hiring them. It is also important that the company that you hire has a representative to inspect what needs to be moved and understands how to go about it and also what needs to get done. Storage facilities can be availed if your belongings need to be temporarily stored before you move them.

Apartment Finding

If you haven’t begun apartment hunting, now is the time to decide whether you plan to rent or buy. Look out for real estate of your choice in the area.

If you can’t locate something that interests you, it is best to hire a real estate professional to take up the task.

Finding a short-stay rental may also be appropriate as apartment finding always takes longer than one would expect.  You can always ask your moving and packing agency to provide you with warehouse storage solutions where most of your belongings can be stored until you choose a home that you like.

Giving the landlord notice

There is always so much going on when it is time to relocate that it can leave you distracted and forgetful while dealing with the existing rental home.Your roommates and the landlord needs to be informed as soon as possible. Grab a hold of your lease agreement to see the number of days notice that is required to be provided and get to it pronto so that you do not lose out on your deposit.

Leaving it on Social Media

You may want to leave friends and other acquaintances a quick message informing them about the sudden move. In today world, a tweet, Facebook post or an Instagram message is the fastest way to let everyone know. Apart from letting your closest friends know via phone call, the rest can simply be informed via a social message. This can also be helpful if someone is looking to rent a space or for your roommates that are looking for someone to take you place.

Sell or Donate stuff you don’t really need

Stuff always piles up over time, some of which may not be as important than what it may have been at a particular point. Look through all your belongings to identify what is not needed and what has been only collecting dust.  The less there is to deal with when moving the better. Having a yard sale or listing them on an online portal if time permits can always be considered.

Start Packing

If you have hired a packing service along with the moving company you will want to segregate all your belongings to facilitate the packers to box in an organized manner and pack efficiently on your behalf.A packing team will usually first create a checklist with all the items to be moved. Following this a pack-list is generated indicating what items are dropped in the many boxes. Smaller items are grouped and packaged together.

Transporting Vehicles

Sometimes, driving long distances may not be feasible or time may not permit it. If you find yourself in such a predicament, our vehicle transportation services are just the answer. Transportation of your vehicle will save you time and not leave you exhausted from doing it yourself. Transporting vehicles today is cost effective due to the type of vehicle cargo that are available. Depending on the car, you can opt for an open carriage or a closed container, both of which are available in Goa.

Utility Bills and Services

Local cellular bills, electricity bills, water bills need to be paid before you move as penalties on these can easily mount up. Remember to discuss these payments with your roommates if you share the apartment indicating to them that your share of these responsibilities have been addressed.

Cleaning the old house

Ensure that you run a detailed check on the drawers and closets, clean out the freezers and fridge, check the dishwasher, the pantry units, etc so you don’t accidentally leave anything behind. Hiring a professional cleaner is always a option.

Hand over the keys

Go thorough one last walk through to check everything is good to go and breathe a sigh of relief that all has been taken care of.If you are looking to move to Goa or are looking to relocate from Goa, we at Cape Logistics offer a wide range of services.